Join a community of 250 Laikipians in the premier Student housing facility at  Laikipia University. Built in memory of Alex Kibaki Muriithi, Alexander Hall has 80 modern rooms, set on two floors looking out to Igwamiti valley.

AH is on a guarded private property. However Alexander Hall is literally on Campus; Situated 500 meters from the main buildings such as Vision 2030 Hall, the Humanities Building and the new library, AH offers the best possible living for the student…being off campus while enjoying on-campus security and proximity.

Alexander hall has a modern open cafeteria within the premises which offers the students the option to pay for their meals. We also offer the option for self catering student who may opt to cook their own meals.

Follow the Life in A.H

Located 400 metres away from laikipia university college offers quality accomodation facilities to students packed with entertainment facilities including flat screen tv..



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Not a student? Don't worry the hall is open to the public. Come stay with us and have the opportunity to tour the town and visit the famous Thompson Falls.

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